Aston Martin Orlando

Aston Martin Orlando

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Sep 11, 2023

Aston Martin Orlando added an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to our James Bond-themed Glamour Gala Fashion Show by providing us with a stunning car to display. Their iconic vehicles, known for their sleek designs and unparalleled performance, perfectly complemented the Bond-inspired aesthetic of our event. During our cocktail hour guests were captivated by the sight of the exquisite Aston Martin car. The partnership with Aston Martin Orlando added a dynamic element to our glamorous affair, elevating the entire experience and leaving our attendees in awe of the timeless elegance that both the brand and our fashion show embodied.




Our models exuded sheer elegance as they graced the grounds of the Ritz Carlton Orlando, accompanied by the striking presence of an Aston Martin provided by Aston Martin Orlando, serving as the crowning jewel of our bridal glamour gala fashion show during cocktail hour. The seamless fusion of luxury and style was nothing short of breathtaking, as the exquisite craftsmanship of Aston Martin cars harmonized seamlessly with the grace and sophistication of our bridal couture. The radiant smiles of our models were only rivaled by the gleam of the meticulously designed Aston Martin, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle that left our guests in awe, a testament to the perfect partnership between high fashion and automotive artistry.





We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Aston Martin Orlando for their generous contribution in making our James Bond-themed Glamour Gala fashion show an absolute success. Their provision of a stunning Aston Martin car to grace our event during cocktail hour added an undeniable touch of sophistication and glamour that perfectly complemented our theme. The synergy between the iconic luxury brand and our showcase of bridal couture was nothing short of spectacular, leaving a lasting impression on our attendees. Aston Martin Orlando's support helped us create an unforgettable evening of elegance and style, and we are truly thankful for their partnership in making our event a memorable one.


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