How to be a good dress shopping guest

How to be a good dress shopping guest

How to be a good dress shopping guest. Mobile Image

Apr 16, 2019

As veterans of the wedding dress shopping experience, we have come across a wide range of guests during appointments. The people present during dress shopping can make or break the experience for a bride. The priority of any bridal styling appointment is for the bride to feel comfortable, heard, and beautiful. We have compiled a list of our best tips & advice for those accompanying brides when it comes to dress shopping.

1. Let the bride be in charge- 

If the bride is not naturally outspoken, she may let her guests dictate the feelings of a dress rather than explain them herself. It is important for the bride’s opinion to be shared first as she may be persuaded by her guest’s thoughts on a dress. We have seen this unfold many times in appointments when a bride will love a dress in the fitting room, but the family does not agree. Once the family expresses their views, it is hard for the bride to get past it. The bride herself should love the dress, her guests loving it is just the icing on the cake!

2. Trust the stylist-

Our Bridal Stylists have a large amount of experience and knowledge under their belt. They almost always have a game plan when it comes to the dresses, so trust that they will select the right dresses for your bride. If the stylist doesn’t pull a particular dress suggested by a guest, it is probably for a reason. Whether it be price or style, the dress just may not be right for that bride. Don’t make a bride try on a dress that costs more than she is looking to spend, it usually just ends in heartbreak.

3. Don’t drink too much-

At bridal stylings, the champagne is often flowing, but be careful of how much you drink. When there is a day full of appointments all of that alcohol adds up quickly and the point of attending is to love and support the bride. Don’t make her worry or stress about you during the appointment.

4. Be respectful of the other appointments around you-

There is almost always more than one appointment happening at a time, so be aware of the other brides around you and the language you are using. If you don’t like something about a dress, be respectful and careful with how you say it, as there may be a bride in the next mirror wearing a gown with that exact feature. We want every bride to be confident in her decision and feel beautiful in her dress.

5. Let the bride control the timeline-

Most of the time, brides don’t expect to fall in love quickly. If the bride finds her dress early on in the shopping experience, that is completely normal. If she is ready to say yes and stop searching for “the one,” embrace it. Dress shopping is a tiring and emotional experience, and if she has that special moment, it is best to be supportive and enjoy that once in a lifetime opportunity with her. Don’t make her keep looking for something she has already found.

6. Don’t make it about you-

Ultimately, you are at the appointment for the bride. Value her opinion, support her, and gently give feedback about the dresses if she asks. (This includes you, Mom!)  If she falls in love with her dress, celebrate with her and let her know how beautiful she is. The dress may not be exactly what you envisioned for her, but if she loves it, feels confident, and can picture herself walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life, it’s the one.


Photos by: Djamel Photoraphy