How to: Micro Wedding

How to: Micro Wedding

As the world slowly learns our new normal with covid, it’s become clear that the micro-wedding isn’t going anywhere—even after in-person weddings are back! The micro-wedding is perfect for couples who are looking for something truly personal, unique, and meaningful to them, as you’re able to celebrate with those closest to you. Planning a micro-wedding has its own unique challenges though, so we’re sharing our favorite tips for planning your ceremony. 


Find a Unique Venue


The beauty of having fewer guests means the venue options available are wide open—you can have a small reception at your favorite local restaurant, get married in a local museum, or even rent an AirBnB for you and your guests for the wedding weekend! Get creative and pick a venue that’s special to you and your partner. 


Choose Where to Splurge


Another benefit of a smaller wedding? Your budget goes much further, as there’s less food and beverages to buy for a smaller crowd. Now you get to choose where to splurge with your wedding budget! Perhaps you get intense with your menu, find a fancier venue than you would have, get a great band, or even add to your dress budget to get the gown of your dreams. It’s up to you!


Find a Gorgeous Dress


With a micro-wedding, you’re not confined to the traditional, full-length white dress. In fact, we find that micro-wedding brides often opt for shorter lengths and more fashion-forward styles than brides planning traditional, larger weddings! It’s your opportunity to choose something that truly fits your personal style. At Solutions, we offer Amsale’s breathtaking Little White Dress line, perfect for the bride seeking something a bit more laid-back and unique. 


LW165 by Amsale

LW139 by Amsale



For the bride dreaming of something chic and simple, Amsale has gorgeous minimalist styles with carefully draped fabrics to create fashion-forward, chic designs you’ll love. 


LW166 by Amsale

LW176 by Amsale



If you prefer dresses with more delicate details, you’ll love these dresses with subtle touches of lace. Romantic details, from floral laces to illusion backs, add a gorgeous, bridal elegance to these shorter gowns. To find the perfect dress for your micro-wedding, schedule an appointment at our Orlando bridal shop to find the bridal gown of your dreams.