Summer 2022 Bridal Trends

Summer 2022 Bridal Trends

Every new year brings an abundance of fresh bridal styles to fall in love with. This summer, we can’t get enough of a certain few design details that we know our brides will be popularly seeking as the season goes on. Here are our favorite bridal trends in summer 2022:


Lace Details
Cleo by Dany Tabet 



Lace has been a timeless, integral part of bridal fashion, and this summer’s styles have proven lace is here to stay. Lace details add a romantic touch to your look, weaving traditional bridal aesthetics into even the edgiest of gowns, like the Cleo corset dress by Dany Tabet shown above. 


Leg Slits
Layla by Tara Lauren



Leg slits have become a fan-favorite bridal design detail, and we can certainly see why. Wedding dresses with leg slits, like Layla by Tara Lauren shown above, invite an alluring strip of bare skin to peek through your look, while also helping summer brides stay cool in the season’s warming climates. 


Dramatic Sleeves
Sean by Studio Levana



Dramatic sleeves are all the rage in 2022, creating dreamy, bohemian bridal looks that pair wonderfully with sunny, outdoor ceremonies. As shown in Sean by Studio Levana above, dramatic sleeves add a unique shape to your dress that flounces around you at your ceremony. Ready to find the wedding dress of your dreams? Schedule an appointment with our Orlando bridal shop!