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Sep 07, 2023

The Floral Way is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Johnny and Jacob, whose passion for the art of floral design knows no bounds. Their shared vision is to infuse colors, styles, and techniques into breathtaking floral art pieces, resulting in stunning creations that leave lasting impressions. Committed to curating unforgettable moments with an emphasis on impeccable taste and quality, Johnny and Jacob go the extra mile to ensure every botanical blessing is nothing short of perfect. Established in Orlando, FL, in 2020, The Floral Way brought their exceptional talent to our Glamour Gala Bridal Fashion Show, transforming the event with their exquisite floral arrangements and adding an extra layer of elegance to the evening. Their dedication to floral artistry truly shines through, making every experience they craft a delightful one.



The Floral Way Events, with their expertise in floral design, brought a touch of botanical elegance to the venue, adorning every table with lush tropical greenery and exquisite floral accents. Their stunning arrangements added a captivating and vibrant atmosphere, enhancing the overall beauty of our event and leaving a lasting impression on our guests.




We would like to say thank you to The Floral Way for their exquisite floral designs that added an enchanting touch to our Glamour Gala Fashion Show. Their artistic arrangements of vibrant blooms transformed our venue into a fragrant oasis of beauty and elegance. The meticulous attention to detail and the creativity displayed in their floral creations truly elevated the ambiance of our event, leaving our guests in awe. Floral Way's contribution was integral to the success of our fashion show, and we look forward to continuing this blossoming partnership in the future. Thank you for making our event a blooming success!


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