Trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week

Trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week

Twice a year, in April and October, designers debut new collections at New York Bridal Fashion Week. A week full of endless runways of gorgeous bridal gowns, these two weeks are typically the best indicator of what the upcoming bridal trends will look like. Don’t worry—since we know most brides don’t have the time to watch all the shows, we’re sharing the top trends spotted at Bridal Fashion Week. 


Corset Bodices



Corset bodices were all over fashion week, and we absolutely love them. The structured, sultry look of a corset paired with feminine silhouettes and romantic details creates the perfect balanced look. If you want something modern and high-fashion with a slightly vintage-inspired look, this trend is perfect for you. 


High Slits



If you want to wear a traditional dress with a hint of modern flair, you’ll love this trend. The high slit allows you to show off your legs, and adds breathtaking movement to the skirt without disrupting the classic look of the dress. 


Balloon Sleeves



Puffy sleeves in bridal always bring to mind Princess Diana—and while Princess Di’s iconic wedding dress was incredible, it’s typically not the look today’s brides are going for. Don’t worry: the new wave of puffy sleeves in bridal are much more low key, with romantic, flowing styles and sheer details that give your wedding dress an ethereal look you’ll love. 


Square Necklines



The neckline of your wedding dress is one of its key details, as the neckline frames your face and gives your dress a structure to work around. The square neckline is clean and simple, giving your gown a bold, geometric look that adds the perfect modern detail. This neckline works on every silhouette, and creates an open look that pairs perfectly with statement jewelry. 


Glove Sleeves



Dreaming of long sleeves, but want something a touch more unique? Glove sleeves end in gloves, giving your arms and hands all-over detail that’s sure to give your wedding day a unique flair. 


Colorful Hues



Bridal gowns don’t have to be only white anymore! A pop of color adds a one-of-a-kind touch to your dress, and ensures no one will forget your wedding dress. If you’re looking for a non-traditional dress, this is it!


Sexy Cutouts



Want a wedding dress that emphasizes your curves? Cutouts that give your gown a sexy touch are a huge trend, meaning you can find a wedding dress that’s designed to give you a stunning, sultry look you’ll love. 

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