What Silhouette is Best for Your Body Shape?

What Silhouette is Best for Your Body Shape?

When brides come into our store shopping for their perfect wedding dress, we often get asked the same question: which silhouette will look best on my body type? The answer to this questions varies by each bride individually, but if you’re not sure where to start, here’s a helpful blog on silhouettes you may love:


For Curvy Brides

Evelyn by Studio Levana


If you’ve got a curvy figure and want to show it off, then you’ll love a silhouette like a fit and flare or mermaid. The shape hugs your curves, flaring out below the hip to create an exaggerated hourglass shape that compliments your figure perfectly. For the bride who wants a sultry, effortlessly elegant look, these two figure-flattering silhouettes are perfect. 


For the Athletic Bride

Charlize by Anna Kara


Sheath silhouettes have a similar shape to fit and flare and mermaid dresses, but rather than creating an hourglass figure, sheath dresses simply flow downwards, hugging close to the body without being completely tight. For slim, athletic women, this silhouette highlights your figure and emphasizes your silhouette without adding excessive detail or fabric. For women seeking a laid back, chic style, you’ll love this silhouette. 


For Pear Shaped Brides

Pallas by Dany Tabet

Fit and flare silhouettes are perfect for pear shaped brides! This silhouette emphasizes your curves, with the exaggerated hourglass silhouette working to show off your stunning hips. The skirt balances you while ensuring to highlight the best parts of your silhouette!


For Petite Brides

Alina by Alon Livne


Often, we find that short brides are concerned about finding the right silhouette. You want to find one that makes you appear taller, which is precisely what the A-line does. The skirt’s gentle, slanted shape points upward, elongating your figure and making you look slightly taller. 


For Tall Brides

Rockefeller by Reem Acra


Tall brides look amazing in column dresses. The slim fit hugs your figure, while emphasizing your height to make you appear tall, thin, and beautiful. While the silhouette has minimal details, it’s still sultry and elegant.


For Hourglass Shaped Brides

Quinn by Tara Lauren

Hourglass figures look amazing in most silhouettes, but they especially shine in a fit and flare. The effortlessly flared skirt highlights your figure, working with the curves you already have to create a sultry, chic look. Styles like this stunning Tara Lauren dress are perfect, giving you the laid-back elegance you’re searching for. 


For Apple Shaped Brides

Valery by Mary’s Bridal

For apple shaped brides, mermaid silhouettes are exactly what you’re looking for. The flared skirt is known for emphasizing your hips, but it also does exactly the opposite—the skirt’s flared shape makes your waist appear thinner, perfect for apple shaped brides. 


For Busty Brides

Ashton by Rivini


Looking for a silhouette that’s perfect for busty brides? The ball gown has everything you’re looking for, with the full, flared skirt balancing your bust while also highlighting it. With a fitted bodice and full skirt, this shape works with your body perfectly. 


For Every Bride

Blanchett by Alyne


No matter your body shape, the A-line silhouette works on everyone: the slanted, A-shaped skirt points to your natural waist, slimming you and creating a silhouette that looks amazing on every body type. If you’re not sure what silhouette to choose, you can never go wrong with an A-line. 


Looking for the perfect silhouette for your body type? Book an appointment at Solutions Bridal and our expert staff will help you find your perfect wedding dress.