Different Bridal Styles

Different Bridal Styles

Different Bridal Styles. Mobile Image

Dec 06, 2016


Every bride has her own bridal style and wants to feel like herself, yet wants to feel like a bride. Entering our 15th year in business, we have styled so many brides. Our advice to you as a bride is go with what feels right and feels like you. We style brides who wear scrubs 40 hours a week and we also style brides who wear pencil skirts and 4-inch heels every day. We know everyone is different, however, we know everyone doesn’t want to feel like they are not wearing a costume on their wedding day. There are different fits of gowns but still, speak to brides. Typically, the four main bridal styles are a classic, sexy, boho, and glam.


One of the main bridal styles is classic. The classic bride appreciates fit and fabric over trend. On a day to day basis, she wears solid colors and loves staple pieces such as a great pump or handbag. The classic bride also wants a gown that is timeless. She wants to look at her photos and love her gown, whether the bride is celebrating her 6 month anniversary or her 35th anniversary. There are different fits of classic wedding gowns. A classic gown does not have to be A-line or ball gown, a classic gown can be strapless or fitted. Below are classic wedding gowns available at Solutions Bridal. Photography by Tabitha McCausland.
Classic brideClassic bridal gownclassic wedding gown


Sexy wedding gowns are another bridal style. The sexy bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day and wants to wow her fiance. Straying away from tradition, a sexy wedding gown can be worn again for a gala or anniversary date. Aside from sexy wedding gowns being sheer, many brides like these dresses because they are light and not too over the top. Many brides are loving gowns that are thinner, so sexy gowns are a great option. Wedding gown designers, Ines Di Santo, created these sexy bridal gowns seen below. Photography by Kristen Weaver and Tabitha McCausland.
sexy wedding gownsexy wedding dresssexy wedding gown


In addition to sexy wedding gowns, boho gowns are another bridal style. The boho bride is laid back. She wants a wedding gown and wedding day that is relaxing, low-key, and fun. She definitely does not want the gown getting in her way of having a good time. The boho bride usually wears loose clothing every day and shops at Anthropologie, Free People, or Madewell. Many brides think the boho style is only lace, or chiffon and flowy. There are boho style gowns that are soft and flowy, however, there are boho style gowns with beading, seen below is an example. Boho style gowns are also great for destination wedding gowns. Destination wedding gowns must be easy to travel with, so having a soft slim gown makes traveling effortless. Boho style wedding gowns below by Lela Rose and Ines Di Santo. Photography by Kristen Weaver.
boho bride boho bride boho wedding gownboho wedding gown


The glam bride is unapologetically fabulous, she knows she is the bride and she wants her bridal look to be unforgettable. I love a glam bride that wants texture, lace, beading, a veil, and jewelry. Finishing the look with accessories by Maria Elena, or Paris by Debra Mooreland, will take any glam bride to the next level. A glam bride may love gowns with beading and ruffles, however, a glam bride may also take a classic gown and glam it up with jewelry.  Seen in ballrooms, museums, atriums, or gardens, a glam bride can be spotted anywhere. All glam gowns below by Ines Di Santo. Photography by Tabitha McCausland.
glam wedding gownglam wedding gownglam gownglam wedding gown
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