Enaura Bridal

Designed in New York with Teachings from India

Solutions Bridal shop offers a large selection of Enaura wedding dresses in Orlando, FL to help you find the perfect gown for your big day. Based in the heart of NYC's Garment District with a heritage in India, Enaura Bridal prides itself on upholding ancient embroidery techniques with each gown being expertly constructed by artisanal crafters. Design techniques such as ‘zardosi’ and ‘tambour,’ which were used to clothe Indian Kings and Queens, have been passed down for generations and remain in practice today.


The brand is focused on celebrating and sustaining the traditional techniques of the artisans that work on its wedding dresses, resulting in exclusively authentic designs. With each collection, the brand compliments modern and feminine silhouettes with nostalgic designs inspired by the art and history of textiles, detailed textures of flora, and old-world architecture resulting in understated yet tasteful gowns. The Enaura bride feels effortlessly accentuated, feminine and timeless. 

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Enaura Wedding Dresses in Orlando, FL

Our Enaura pieces blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics for a classic but stylish look that many brides fall in love with. The use of fine materials like silk, tulle, and lace, often embellished with hand-beaded work, makes these dresses stand out. If you are a bride-to-be looking for Enaura wedding dresses near me, call or submit a request through our website to schedule an appointment at our Orlando bridal shop. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the perfect dress to make your special day even more special.