Glamour Gala 2023

Glamour Gala 2023

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Sep 01, 2023



Every love story deserves a moment of pure glamour. And what better way to celebrate the journey to "happily ever after" then with a night of opulence and style! In the heart of Orlando, where dreams come true, the Glamour Gala took center stage, merging the world of bridal fashion and the luxurious embrace of The Ritz Carlton. The Bridal Glamour Gala was a seamless fusion of talent and expertise from a remarkable ensemble of vendors, each contributing their unique touch to create an unforgettable evening. Together with the iconic Ritz Carlton Orlando, it crafts a canvas of opulence and sophistication, where bridal fashion takes its rightful place in the spotlight.  In this blog post, we delve into the world of the Glamour Gala, an affair that transforms dreams into reality and showcases the latest trends, designs, and inspirations in the realm of bridal fashion. 




Lisa Lyons Events



Under the meticulous planning and design by the visionary Lisa Lyons, the Ritz Carlton Orlando was transformed into a haven of elegance and charm. For the past seven years straight we have been fortunate enough to collaborate Lisa Lyons and the Ritz Carlton Orlando to bring these spectacular shows to life! Imagine a soirée where the air is filled with romance, where each step down the runway exudes the essence of timeless elegance. Read more...


The Vision

This year's vision for the Glamour Gala Fashion Show was a thrilling journey down the runway, infused with the timeless allure of James Bond. The James Bond theme captivated hearts and minds as it seamlessly blended romance with intrigue. Guests were transported into the sophisticated realm of 007, where stunning bridal gowns and dashing tuxedos took center stage, embodying the essence of Bond himself. Brides channeled their inner Bond girls, and grooms exuded the charm of our favorite secret agent. The Bridal Fashion Show was a night of romance, mystery, and timeless style, celebrating the union of love and adventure in true James Bond fashion, leaving guests with cherished memories of a truly unforgettable evening.



Jazz It Up Artistry



Jazz It Up Artistry worked her magic, enhancing the natural beauty of our models with her exceptional hair and makeup skills.  We've had the pleasure of collaborating with Jazz It Up Makeup Artistry for several years, and it has always been an exceptional experience. Read more...


 Leonardo Fifth Avenue



Leonardo Fifth Avenue dressed our dapper grooms-to-be in suave attire. These sophisticated men's attire added a touch of timeless elegance to our event by providing the impeccably tailored tuxedos worn by our models. As we sought to capture the suave charm and sophistication of James Bond, partnering with Leonardo Fifth Ave was a natural choice. Read more... 


Fyrefly Productions



The atmosphere of our event came alive thanks to the enchanting work of Fyrefly Productions. Their mastery of lighting, music, and drapery captivated the audience, turning our venue into a magical realm where every detail was a testament to their artistry. Fyrefly Productions brought a touch of enchantment to our event that will be fondly remembered by everyone who experienced it. Read more...


Gala Rental



Gala Rental provided the perfect finishing touches with their exquisite tables, chairs, and decor, elevating the ambiance to pure sophistication, turning our venue into a breathtaking setting for our event. Read more...



The Ritz Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes



When it came time for the post-runway dinner, The Ritz-Carlton not only provided the venue for the Glamour Gala Fashion Show this year but also crafted a culinary masterpiece. They served several courses, each impeccably paired with wine and showcased through their service. The evening's dinner was curated by Executive Chef Michelle Wick. Chef Wick personally addressed our guests, sharing insights about the menu that her talented team had carefully crafted for the occasion. The Ritz-Carlton's commitment to excellence extended beyond the venue, creating an unforgettable dining experience to complement our glamorous event. Read more...


Luxe Cine´


Jacob from Luxe Ciné, renowned for their exceptional filmmaking expertise, took on the role of providing stunning photography for our James Bond-themed Glamour Gala Bridal Theme Fashion Show. His keen eye and creative vision added an extra layer of sophistication to our event. Jacob's ability to capture the essence of Bond-inspired elegance and translate it into striking visual imagery was truly remarkable. Read more


The Floral Way



The Floral Way brought their exceptional talent to our Glamour Gala Bridal Fashion Show, transforming the event with their exquisite floral arrangements and adding an extra layer of elegance to the evening. Their dedication to floral artistry truly shines through, making every experience they craft a delightful one. Read more ...


Casie Marie Photography



Casie Marie Photography masterfully immortalized not only the behind-the-scenes preparations of our models for the Glamour Gala Fashion Show but also the enchanting ambiance around the property, turning our event into a visual masterpiece. Read more...


Noire Productions 



Noire Productions graced our post-Glamour Gala Fashion Show dinner with their enchanting music, offering a truly exceptional and unique experience. Their years of expertise have led them to invent a one-of-a-kind approach to creating ambiance and arranging music that sets them apart from any other group. With a sophisticated sound and impeccable styling, Noire Productions is truly in a league of its own. When the goal is to craft the perfect and exquisite wedding or event, they are the only choice. Their performance added an extra layer of elegance and charm to our dinner, leaving our guests enchanted by the memorable melodies that filled the air. Read more...


Aston Martin Orlando




Aston Martin Orlando added an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to our James Bond-themed Glamour Gala Fashion Show by providing us with a stunning car to display. Their iconic vehicles, known for their sleek designs and unparalleled performance, perfectly complemented the Bond-inspired aesthetic of our event. During our cocktail hour guests were captivated by the sight of the exquisite Aston Martin car. The partnership with Aston Martin Orlando added a dynamic element to our glamorous affair, elevating the entire experience and leaving our attendees in awe of the timeless elegance that both the brand and our fashion show embodied. Read more ...

Moke Orlando



Moke Orlando added an exciting dimension to our James Bond-themed Glamour Gala Bridal Fashion Show by providing their iconic car.  Moke has made appearances in four 007 films. Moke America's latest collaboration with EON Productions and 007 served as a beautiful homage to the James Bond film legacy, aligning with the elegance and sophistication of our Glamour Gala fashion show. Their presence and partnership  showcased the enduring charm of the Moke but also accentuated the timeless allure of the Bond franchise, making it a truly memorable part of our event. Read more...


Premeire Model Management NSB



Premiere Model Management played a pivotal role in our James Bond-themed Glamour Gala Fashion Show held at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Their expertly selected models graced the runway, embodying the suave sophistication and elegance that James Bond himself would applaud. Premiere Models' dedication to excellence ensured that every model brought a touch of glamour and professionalism to our event, making it a night to remember. Their collaboration added an extra layer of charm to our glamorous affair, perfectly complementing the luxurious ambiance of the Ritz-Carlton venue.




Vogue Photobooth



Our Glamour Gala Fashion Show dinner was an absolute hit, and the Vogue Magazine Cover Photo Booth was undeniably the star of the night. Our guests couldn't get enough of the opportunity to step into the world of high fashion and strike their best poses. The booth's impeccable design and lighting made everyone feel like a true cover model. Each of our guests reveled in the glamorous experience. Read more...



Bridal Boutique: Solutions Bridal

Planning and Design: Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette 

Venue: The Ritz Carlton Orlando Grande-Lakes

Hair and Makeup: Jazz it Up Artistry

Floral: The Floral Way 

Lighting and Drapery: FyerFly Productions

Tables, Chairs, and Decor: Gala Rental

Official Photography: Ritz Carlton OrlandoLuxe CinéBrandon Sallinger 

Live Music: Noire Productions

Cars: Moke America OrlandoAston Martin Orlando

Photobooth: Wizard Connection 

Gentlemen’s Tuxedos: Leonardo 5th Avenue