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Preserve your Memories


After your special day has passed, Solutions Bridal offers a cleaning and preservation service for you and your gown. It’s so important to enjoy your wedding whether it is inside or outside. Between the celebratory champagne and the floor of any venue, your gown will naturally leave in a different condition then you arrived in.  If you are a client of Solutions Bridal or own a bridal gown by a designer we carry and your wedding dress needs to be cleaned, we can register your gown for cleaning and preservation. To have your gown cleaned and preserved, contact us, or email


Ways to re-purpose your Wedding Dress

After your gown has been cleaned and preserved, there are different heirloom items you can make with your gown. 

Here  are some ideas and concepts you can make with the fabric from your gown.


Full-service cleaning and preserving of your wedding gown is $375.


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